What is Coaching?



Coaching is a creative, thought provoking partnership between a coach and coachee (client). It is designed to maximize the coachee’s personal and professional potential. The collaborative coaching partnership focuses on the goals and growth of the coachee. The coach supports and challenges the coachee during the  coaching process, using deep listening and reflective questioning to tune in to the coachee’s intuition. As a result, the coachee taps into their inner wisdom to find clarity, identify obstacles, and grow past perceived limitations.

What are some common coaching areas?

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· Happiness/Life Fulfillment

· Bringing Dreams, Goals & Visions to Fruition

· Improving Business & Career

· Improving Wealth/ Making More Money

· Improving People Skills

· Developing Intuition

· Improving Relationships

· Improving Health & Wellness

Coaching is holistic, therefore personal and professional development occurs as thinking shifts.

How do we get started?

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The first step is to schedule a conversation or two.  From there we will get an idea of how well we work together and what our next steps should be.

 Coaching is highly personalized and tailored to fit the unique needs and situation of the coachee. Coaching session can be scheduled by phone, video conference, or in person. 

What type of coaching do you do?


Most people begin coaching to achieve a goal or dream, or overcome a challenge in their personal or professional life.  There are "business coaches," "executive coaches," "relationship coaches," "life coaches," etc. All types of coaching really leads to one specialty: YOU.  I coach the person, and the subject matter always falls into place. True transformation occurs when you delve deep and examine the beliefs and mindset that have created your present situation. Coaching gently challenges your perceived limitations to create your ideal life, personally and professionally.

who do you work with?


I work with individuals and groups who are committed to doing the work required for their own transformation. My clients are dedicated to transforming their lives and the world. I believe in the ripple effect- no good deed is too small to create a positive chain reaction in the world.  I love my clients and believe that our work together creates miracles and magic.

What does a "typical" coaching session look like?


There are no "typical" coaching experiences.  Each experience is unique and focused on your unique gifts, situation, believes and vision for whatever you decide you want to create with your life.